We advise, design, and build digital tools

For the parts of digital projects your customers see, and the parts they don't, we make world class digital tools and experiences happen for ours.

What we offer

Digital projects can be large, cumbersome, and fraught with risk to the uninitiated.Recognizing that, we offer the service of simplification to our customers and help them with their top 5 questions:

Am I solving the right problem?

Gaining a true, shared understanding of the problem leads to better outcomes.

How can I make this look good?

The aesthetic usability effect is real, people like things that look good.

Can it be built?

The answer is almost always yes, but is the investment worth it? Put another way, "is the juice worth the squeeze?"

Are we telling the right story?

Shape your idea as a story and peak the audience's emotions and energy.

If it breaks, will someone be there to help?

Most firms design, build, and leave. We support the people and businesses we believe in beyond the build.

Number we're proud of:


questions answered.

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What we do

01 — Workshops

Businesses get stuck in a “plan-do” loop and rarely take time to reflect. Our workshops bring strategic clarity to initiatives and serve as an opportunity to give our customer’s moments of reflection.

02 — Prototypes

The best data you can collect is from your customers. Prototypes give new and existing customers something to react to. Those reactions help inform if we're on the right track.

03 — Tools

As the lines continue to blur between traditional websites and apps, we take a holistic approach to helping customers with transformational digital projects whether they’re: landing pages, websites, apps, and hubs.

About Percent Invisible

Digital Experience Consultants

Digital is where our expertise lies.Experiences are what create the stories we tell each other.We identify as consultants because we focus on providing expert advice.

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Who we typically work with

Typically our customers are small to medium size businesses that do not have their own technology or customer experience team.Our combination of digital strategy and implementation expertise makes us the perfect fit for customers wishing they had access to a team that gives world-class recommendations and delivers results.

How we typically start an engagement

We always look to start with a workshop. This might be a business, brand, or product workshop. Each workshop has been honed from years of experience.We co-create the agenda to make sure we hit on areas that are critical to your business.Hosting the workshop is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. Do we like you? Do you like us? Can we see ourselves working together on important digital projects that will transform your business?

Minimum level of engagement

Typically when we consider engaging with a new customer these are our minimums:Workshop - $10k minimum
Website - $25k minimum
Prototype type - $40k minimum
Fractionalized product team - $25k/month minimum
We reserve the right to waive these minimums in certain circumstances.

Where and how we work

We’ve got an office in Kalamazoo, MI but we’re a hybrid team with core team members and contractors across the country.We like the word “pace”. Since we’re knowledge workers our most important job is the transmission of information. Keeping pace means keeping in touch. Part of our project pace and rhythm (if it’s longer than a week engagement) includes 30 min weekly stand ups.We lead each of the stand ups and discuss the progress we’ve made, what we plan on doing next, and any obstacles we’re facing.Outside of the weekly stand ups we have a customer dashboard for everyone of our customers that includes:
- Tasks and their status
- Deliverables
- Key project artifacts
- Invoices and their status
We expect our customers to keep pace with us and be invested in the outcome of the project. We expect our customers to show up, on time and prepared. We work to bring our best to every interaction and we expect the same from our customers.

Where our work is focused

Strategy - Measure twice. Cut once. But if we had 8 hours, we’d spend 6 sharpening our saw. In that spirit, we host workshops with customers aimed at taking a step back and identifying the options and prioritizing them.Design - Design is the soul of the work and a picture is worth 1,000 words. Our design concepts and prototypes help tell your story using less words.Building - After the strategy has been set, we begin the process of building representing a shift from creative innovation to executing the plan.

The values that shape our work

1. Expertise - to deliver the value of simplification we must constantly be building our expertise to offer quality strategy and recommendations to our customers.2. Seek first to understand - how can you design or build something if you don't understand it's context?3. Calm - The default state of our work. Not crazy. Not anxious. Intentional. Focused. Calm.

Inights and Inspiration

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What is, "the percent invisible"?

The product that everyone experiences, in the end, is the result of weeks and months of conversations, creative thinking, designs, and validation.It’s in those “invisible” moments when a project is put on a course for either success or failure.

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